Call for Papers

Brief description of the Call for Papers

It is expected that the authors of the papers should bring to the fore a robust critique of indigenous knowledge systems of leadership and governance practices with a particular focus on how the IKS contributes to transformative and sustainable development in society.  In addition, the critique should provide evidence for theory and policy recommendations in the respective focus area(s) of interrogation of the IKS as a marginalized resource that can play a vital role in the contemporary leadership and governance practices at various levels of society. The call for papers is sought in the following thematic areas but one can explore other relevant issues beyond this list. 

 Each abstract must be between 200 and 250 words. A one-paragraph abstract is required which should highlight the following: the focus of the paper, the problematization of the subject matter, the methodology, and a summary of significant findings and conclusions.  When you submit your abstract, use the following template and ensure to list keywords at the end of the abstract.

Click here to download the template.