Africa Journal of Leadership and Governance

The Africa Journal of Leadership and Governance (AJLG) is a publication that seeks to bring academic researchers from around the globe to share scientific knowledge focused on the confluence of leadership and governance. The publication is biannual and all published journal articles would have gone through a rigorous blind peer review process by experts from reputable institutions in the thematic areas. The journal provides space for sharing, debating issues of social, political and economic leadership and governance nature not only for academic consumption, but also for policy considerations for organizations and governments. The journal provides an open source platform to promote transformative learning of good and sustainable leadership and governance practices.   

The publication is co-managed and co-published by institutions in the International Leadership Consortium (ILC) under the Campus Crusade for Christ ministry. The journal administration arrangement attests to the diversity of the journal in terms of academic views, fields of specialisation in leadership and governance, socio-cultural and geographical spread.