ALMA Strategic Plan 2019 - 2024


Premier holistic transformative leadership development Academy in Africa and


Building leaders of integrity who will impact Africa and the world for Christ.

Core Values

Integrity, Excellence, Collaboration, and Stewardship.

ALMA’s Distinctives

Biblical Integration, Transformation, Practical, and Relevance.

ALMA Mandates

(1) Offer courses undergraduate, graduate and post graduate courses in Leadership studies, (2) Multiply leaders of integrity, (3) Conduct leadership seminars and workshops, (4) Facilitate and conduct research works, and (5) Share ideas throughout the continent through research and publishing on leadership studies.

Market Niche/ Clients for ALMA

(1) Family, (2) Business, (3) Government, (4) Religion, (5) Education, (6) Media, and (7) Celebration (Arts, culture and sports).

Stakeholders for ALMA

Campus Crusade for Christ, NUST, ZimCHE, Government among others.

Five Years Strategic Plan 2019 -2024:

1. Academic and enrollment excellence  is gained when ALMA grows to at least 480 students by 2024 from the current 85 students in the stream.

2. Financial performance reaches self-sustainable level through increased fee collection, fund raising, contributions from Alumni, and Income Generating Activities.

3. Institutional development is ensured as ALMA develops capacity towards becoming a chartered university.

4. Policies and procedures for healthy functions of ALMA are developed and leveraged.

Organizational effectiveness is achieved through clarifying roles, team building, recruiting right faculty and employees, system development, creating conducive environment for all, mentoring staffs, and collaborating with alumni and other strategic partners.


Total Budget: USD7, 765, 287. This is a total of budgetary requirements to rollout the strategy over the 5 year period. ALMA will be directly raising USD 1,269,793 through collection of fees and service rendering initiatives. ALMA needs partners locally and globally who can partner towards giving the USD 6, 495, 495 (USD7, 765, 287- USD 1,269,793).

Call for Partnership: ALMA warmly invites you to  partner with us so that leaders of integrity could be developed for Africa and beyond.

Contact Information: Mr. Moses Chundu (Executive Director); Cell Phone: +263-7730- 60550; email:


                                                                                                      ALMA STRATEGIC BUDGET 2019 - 2024



Compressed 5 Year Budget  
Income USD
Tuition 658,375.91
Other income 611,416.24
Total Income 1,269,792.14
HR related costs 436,835.00
Operational costs 532,312.42
Satellite setting up costs 64,786.00
Collaborations costs-CCC-travel& logistics 27,000.00
Regional Satellite campus costs-advertising 1,460.00
Alumni Ambassadorial costs 3,912.00
Scholarship fund development 30,000.00
Journal launching & registration 29,499.76
Consultancy-branding& marketing 3,300.00
Journal publication-facilitator 4,350.00
Research development costs 71,000.00
Alma Café 175,000.00
Refurbishment of Alma building 12,000.00
Building costs-temporary, main structures & accommodation 6,323,000.00
Borehole drilling 10,000.00
Charter -accreditation costs 23,000.00
MOU processing costs 11,552.00
Golf tournament costs 6,280.00
Total expenditure for the 5 years 7,765,287.18
Surplus/deficit (6,495,495.04)


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